How I work

If you have a piece of work in mind, I will ask about the type of document, subject, approximate word count and your deadline. If you are not sure what level of editorial support you need, I would be glad to discuss this. I may ask you to send a sample of your work before providing advice or my quotation.

I edit using Track Changes in Word so that you can review suggestions before deciding whether to adopt them. I can proofread in Word using Track Changes, in PDF using Adobe mark-up or in hard copy using traditional BSI symbols.

I will follow an in-house style guide if your organisation has one or can discuss style options with you before starting work. With new clients, or longer documents, I would be happy to review a sample proofread or edit with you. I will always check that you are satisfied before I view a job as complete.


The Society for Editors and Proofreaders suggests minimum rates This link opens in new window for editorial services. I use these as a rough guide, but each job is unique. Individual clients require different levels of intervention, and some texts are quicker and easier to proofread or edit than others. I will check what is needed to deliver your brief before providing a quote. Please let me know if you are a student or small charity as I may be able to offer a discount. Please note that I will only provide the paid editorial support allowed by a student’s college or institution.


You may want me to proofread your document if you are happy with its content but want a final check and polish before publication. I will:

  • check and correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • ensure consistent layout, capitalisation and hyphenation
  • check overall consistency including headings, subheadings, notes and references, figures, tables, illustrations and page numbers


Editing is normally done at an earlier stage than proofreading, before a document has been laid out for publication. The goal is to make sure your text is accurate, easy to follow and fit for purpose. There are many reasons why you might want a light – or substantive – edit of your text, or even a full rewrite of your material:

  • Will it showcase your organisation’s work?
  • Has your document had a number of contributing authors or evolved over time?
  • Are you writing in English as a second language?
  • Does your material need to be condensed or adapted for a new audience?

In addition to proofreading checks, I can:

  • edit according to your objectives and brief
  • suggest alternative wording or sentence structure to improve accuracy and clarity
  • remove unnecessary or repetitious words and sentences
  • replace jargon and provide ‘plain English’ alternatives
  • re-organise text where this improves flow or readability
  • identify inappropriate language and suggest alternatives